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Authors who publish in Child Kidney Dis have an option to make their manuscripts available immediately after acceptance. These “Accepted” manuscripts have already been peer-reviewed and approved for publication, but have not yet been proofread or formatted for publication.

When authors choose to take advantage of this Child Kidney Dis service, their papers are uploaded as PDF files with an abstract to the Child Kidney Dis website and available right away to contribute to the research community. When the “Accepted” paper is uploaded, this is considered the official publication date, but the “Accepted” paper is not considered the final paper of record because the editing process may identify errors to be corrected.

Authors should indicate whether they would like their manuscript uploaded as a “Accepted” file when they first submit their paper. It is not possible to change this decision in the middle of the technical editing and formatting process.
A “Accepted” manuscript should be cited as an online journal article. To cite a “Accepted” manuscript when writing for Child Kidney Dis, follow the guidelines in How to Format the References in the Instructions for Authors section.
Review Article
Alport syndrome: new advances in the last decade
Ji Hyun Kim
Received March 16, 2022  Accepted May 4, 2022  
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Management strategies for congenital isolated hydronephrosis and the natural course of the disease
Jiwon Jung, Joo Hoon Lee, Kun Suk Kim, Sang Hun Song, Dae Hyuk Moon, Hee Mang Yoon, Young Ah Cho, Young Seo Park
Received March 17, 2022  Accepted April 1, 2022  
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Original Article
Predictors of renal scars in infants with recurrent febrile urinary tract infection: a retrospective, single-center study
Jae Ha Han, Seonkyeong Rhie, Jun Ho Lee
Received March 12, 2022  Accepted May 4, 2022  
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Case Report
A case of recurrent hemolytic uremic syndrome caused by DGKE gene mutation
Baek Sup Shin, Yo Han Ahn, Hee Gyung Kang
Received March 28, 2022  Accepted April 19, 2022  
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