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J Korean Soc Pediatr Nephrol 2001;5(1): 30-35.
3개월 이하의 남아에서 첫 요로 감염 후 방사선학적 검사의 평가
정종수, 권경호, 김종석, 이영아, 김현정, 이균우
1부산 대동병원 소아과
2부산 대동병원 소아과
3부산 대동병원 소아과
4부산 대동병원 소아과
5부산 대동병원 소아과
6부산 대동병원 소아과
Evaluation of Imaging Studies in Male Infants less than 3 Months after First Urinary Tract Infection
Jong Su Jung, Kyung Ho Kwon, Jong Sik Kim, Young Ah Lee, Hyun Jung Kim, Gyun Woo Lee
1Department of Pediatrics, Dae-dong Hospital
2Department of Pediatrics, Dae-dong Hospital
3Department of Pediatrics, Dae-dong Hospital
4Department of Pediatrics, Dae-dong Hospital
5Department of Pediatrics, Dae-dong Hospital
6Department of Pediatrics, Dae-dong Hospital
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Purpose : To evaluate tile frequency of urinary tract anomalies in male neonates less than 3 months old who presented with urinary tract infection(UTI) and to evaluate a appropriate imaging approach after first UTI.
Materials and methods : During a period of 5 years from March 1994 to February 1999, 65 male infants less than 3months old(range: 4-92 days, mean: 43 days) with UTI were evaluated. Ultrasound(US) and Voiding cystourethrogram(VCUG) were done in 60 patients. Due to refusal and technological problem, 5 patients were missed. 99mTc-dimercaptosuccinic acid renal scan (99mTc-DMSA renal scan) was recommended to most patients but performed in 40 patients. Renal scan was performed at least 3 months later after urinary tract infection.
Results : Urinary tract anomalies were found in 26 of 65 infants. Twenty-six had vesicoureteral reflux(VUR), two had both VUR and double ureter, two had both U and posterior urethral valve. In patients with VUR, eight had renal scar or renal atrophies. In case of renal scar or atrophy, grades of VUR were III or above.
Conclusion : We suggest that US and VCUG should be routinely performed in infants(<3months)with first UTI. 99mTc-DMSA renal scan should be performed only when renal parenchymal damage was observed in US and VUR grade III or above in VCUG. (J. Korean Soc Pediatr Nephrol 5 : 30- 5, 2001)
Key words: Less than 3months male infants with UTI | Imaging studies

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