J Korean Soc Pediatr Nephrol > Volume 6(2); 2002 > Article
J Korean Soc Pediatr Nephrol 2002;6(2): 178-187.
산전 진단된 수신증의 임상 경과 - 단일 기관의 경험 -
김연희, 김병주, 박문성, 양정인, 김행수, 김병길, 배기수
1아주대학교 의과대학 소아과학 교실
2아주대학교 의과대학 소아과학 교실
3아주대학교 의과대학 소아과학 교실
4아주대학교 의과대학 산부인과학 교실
5아주대학교 의과대학 산부인과학 교실
6관동대학교 의과대학 소아과학교실
7아주대학교 의과대학 소아과학 교실
Outcome of Prenatally Diagnosed Hydronephrosis - One Center Experience -
Yeun-Hee Kim, Byoung-Ju Kim, Moon-Sung Park, Jung-In Yang, Haeng-Soo Kim, Pyung-Kil Kim, Ki-Soo Pai
1Departments of Pediatrics, Ajou University College of Medicine
2Departments of Pediatrics, Ajou University College of Medicine
3Departments of Pediatrics, Ajou University College of Medicine
4Departments of Obstetrics, Ajou University College of Medicine
5Departments of Obstetrics, Ajou University College of Medicine
6Department of Pediatrics, Kwandong University College of Medicine
7Departments of Pediatrics, Ajou University College of Medicine
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Purpose : The detection of hydronephrosis(HN) with antenatal ultrasonography was first reported in the 1970s. Prenatal HN is diagnosed with an incidence of 1:100 to 1:500 on antenatal screening. Recently, the purpose of antenatal screening has changed from simple detection to selection for specific diagnosis-based management. this study is to evaluate the usefulness of antenatal sonography for HN and to investigate the differential causes of HN and their clinical outcomes. Patients and methods : 11,783 live neonates with prenatal ultrasonographic examination at Ajou University School of Medicine, from Sep. 1994 to Aug. 2001 were analyzed. Results and conclusion : Hydronephrosis (>10 mm) was detected in 119 (1.0%) cases antenatally and among these, 91 were proved to have HN postnatally Males were three times more affected than females. Additional imaging studies revealed that ureteropelvic junction obstruction was the most common postnatal diagnosis (47%), followed by multicystic dysplastic kidney, vesicoureteral junction obstruction and vesicoureteral reflux. During 20 months' follow-up(3 to 72 months), 58(48%) renal units showed spontaneous resolution and surgical interventions were necessary in 10 (7.4%) of postnatally confirmed hydronephrotic renal units.
Key words: Prenatal screening | hydronephrosis | ureteropelvic junction obstruction

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